Malignant narcissist – What is the Definition and How to deal with them?

What is Definition Malignant narcissist 

A malignant narcissist is someone that makes the unconceivable come true, particularly when it comes down to sexual humiliation and other forms of severe traumatic psychological experiences.

A malignant narcissist is someone that will make you experience insanity, which cannot be describe easily. Insanity is, after all, insane. What does insanity feels like? is actually the question one has to try to answer to describe a malignant narcissist.

Insanity is the concept of the upside down and the downside up; blue is red and red is blue, i am here but this is not me, you love me but i don’t love you. It is filled with all and everything, it is empty and made of no things, it is the Sun, the stars and the darkness in a single compact coin on which the matter is never at rest, it is the center of the galaxy in a universe that does not exist.

Insanity is the concept of opposites,
where everything senseful is senseless,
and where everything senseless is senseful,
in a place where the senseful and the senseless
both coexist and die repeatively
both together and against each other
for an among of time that makes time disappear,
for reasons that are fundamental but do not exist at the same time.

The contracditory that exists within insanity is of such a way that you cannot compile how both sides of the coin hold together in a single piece, in a single being, it cannot be done, it is not possible, the unconceivable becomes true because there it is in front of you, the being is standing in front of you, here you feel the burn the coin left on your hand after it touched your skin and you cannot compile how such a coin can held such heat. No coin can sustain such an amount of heat without melting, the shape couldn’t possible hold on in such a temperature, but yet it is actually whole and happening upon your own eyes and you cannot cope with the fact that it didn’t crash completely already.

No way can something like this can be sustained overtime and maintain its original form, no way can this being maintain sanity and be capable of something like this. And it can’t be happening because this person was 100% sane just a second ago as this person has been for the past 6 months.

The psychological violence is so high that you are literaly forced into denial at first sight. The brain cannot physically compose with what was just witnessed. Cognitive dissonance gets in and the gaslight ruins you down quickly.

The sun would never stop to shine in your mind. Even if it did, you would die of cold or of starvation before admitting to yourself that the sun has stopped shining for eternity. We know stars can die, but in no way are we ever be able to prepare ourselves for the death of our Sun. It can’t be done. No one can prepare for that shit. The sun is incapable of dying while we are alive. We know this. We own this. There is nothing more fundamental than the fact stating the sun is our ultimate savior. It is our star. To all of us. The whole planet. The animals and the plants. No Sun no you no me.

A malignant narcissist makes the Sun die, because when you really understand what severe narcissism is (includes psychopathy), you invariably end up telling yourself that this is the reality on which our whole society is built and that is why the narcissist is not punished for his crimes. Or so it seems from where you stand.

How do you regard someone that is so insane, that he needs to believe he has enemies, that he is out to destroy them and dominate them, when in reality, there exist no such ennemies anywhere else but in his mind? How do you equal being loved with violence, shame and exploitation of the most vicious kind?

How do you explain incest?

How do you explain the need some men have, to brutally exploit their own little daughter, to make her a sex slave of the worst kind, to crush her emotionally in such a way that again the unconceivable begins to come true?

Insanity is capable of this. But this does not make the insane unaccountable for his actions. It makes the insane dangerous. It makes the insane an hypocrite of the worst kind. That is what the mask is all about.

The mask of a malignant narcissist, is the face the most lovely, sweet, docile, funny and marvelous you have ever seen. The mask of a malignant narcissist is of the same texture, the same color, the same feeling, the exact same thing has the sunshine on your skin when you are a little cold. It warms you up, both the body and the heart.

The mask is often used to cover up sexual abuse that is done in a serial manner, systematically, as for example children in a church, students in any kind of school, prisoners in a camp or a jail, patients in an hospital, etc.

Killing the sun makes you a being that is so unworthy, so despicable, so pointless, so unfair, that your very existence is an insult and an injury to everything that exists, a complete annihilation of everything that is, the incarnation of what you never want to meet. The face you never wish to become.

Malignant narcissism is the worst thing you can ever meet in your life.
There is nothing more pointless than a malignant narcissist, because they do not give back anything that they take and nature does not work this way.

Manure is used for fertilizers – everything in this world can be useful for something else in the chain of life. A malignant narcissist breaks that chain in such a way that the narcissist cannot escape breaking himself in the process.

One way or another, at some point, only a sane person can reach happiness and a malignant narcissist does not have the skills to reach such a place, but you cannot grasp that, because you cannot face unconceivable stuff (no one can really do it), you can’t grasp what it really means to have no self, to be the manufacture of a product that exists pathologically within the mind of disordered individuals.

Do you know who you are as a person when you are capable to exploit sexually other people just for the thrill of the humiliation? And the way you do it is by making people fall in love with you by forced and coercive brainwashing?

Can you imagine doing this repeatively, endlessly, to many people for all your life?

Do you know what kind of person you have to be to not be able to love your own children and to prefer to ruin them in such a way that there is no possibility of complete healing for them ever?

You don’t exist. Even though here you are standing. The truth is, you are only a void, you have no conscience, and if you could do it, you would rape your own body first, just so could be first in everything.

A malignant narcissist is something that is not recognized in society, because acknowledging it requires a human brain to crash first and no one gets their brain crash willingly. That is why church sexual abuse is still not punish to this day.

A malignant narcissist knows he hurts other people, he knows he enjoys their pain, but at the end of the day, when a ant is proud of itself for crushing another ant, you are still free to tell yourself that if the ant was really aware of where it stands and what it is, it would realise that crushing another ant is really not what success is about.

Someone that is really conscious would at some point realize how much the world is not made up of ennemies and that the only real ennemy is his own self.

How do people deal with malignant narcissists?

The most likely answer to be given is: turn around walk away, never look back, cut all contact. And that is the best thing to do. But…

That is not handling them. And unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible at the time, or not possible at all.

Sometimes, that malignant narcissist is the other parent of your child. Sometimes, that malignant narcissist is your own parent that you still live with and are dependent on. How do you walk away from them ?

So instead of stating the obvious, people may may put some effort into actually answering the question.

A malignant narcissist is a malignant personality with narcissistic traits. The person here claiming that he is diagnosed a malignant narcissist is either lying or has a bad diagnostic procedure. Malignant Narcissism is not a diagnose that a psychologist or psychiatrist would make. According to the standard works of psychiatry, there is no such thing.

So basically you handle a malignant narcissist like you handle every other narcissist if you have to handle them.

  1. you set your boundaries clear and sharp.
  2. you guard your boundaries with a zero tolerance towards crossing them.
  3. in conversations, you repeat things the narcissist says to you with your own words to make sure you understand what they are saying.
  4. you make the narcissist tell you in their own words what you were saying to make sure they understand.
  5. if possible, make sure you have witnesses present at conversations.
  6. if possible, record conversations
  7. In case of business relationships, make sure to make every agreement or appointment in writing, like over e-mail and have it confirmed. Keep copies of your e-mails, sent and received.

This is all to decrease the chances of them twisting words, denying that things were said or ‘’not remembering’’ that agreements were made etc etc. They are very good at that.

But the most important rules in handling narcissists are the first two. Those are to keep yourself sane.

Furthermore: doubt everything they say, look for evidence for every claim they stake. If there is something off of smells fishy, confront them immediately. Never doubt yourself first, always doubt them first. and second and third. Until they get sick of it. It is them that have something to prove, not you.

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